6th January is International Lace Day! Our Ruby Shoo and Desigual Lace picks.

Scanning through Google this morning to find a bit of inspiration I discovered that it is International Lace Day.  A whole day dedicated to this unique fabric and the artisans who still make it by hand today.  It got me thinking about how important lace is to the fashion world.  When you think 'Lace' lingerie no doubt comes to find.  Pretty, semi-translucent loveliness that somehow enables your undergarments to be both sexy and pretty at once.  The allure of lace is in it's delicacy, it is the perfect trim to it's luxurious bed-fellows silk and satin or it is the pièces de résistance of it's likely bed fellows silk and satin.  

Lace pops out of bed to regularly appear in wedding dresses.  The pretty fabric can transform into a virginal, elegant gown, or one adorned with pearls and jewels a-plenty.  This is no accident.  Since the 1500s our love affair with lace has reigned supreme.  It's delicate, intricate complexity has stolen hearts for five hundred years and millions of us have spent the most important day of our lives donning a lace or lace trimmed gown.

Lace doesn't always stay between the sheets, however!  It is the perfect antidote to heavy fabrics like denim, a touch of lace embroidery marries perfectly and adds a feminine touch.   

At our beloved Ruby Shoo Lace is a popular fabric for shoes.  It epitomises elegance, but can also be done in a fresh and fun way with unexpected colours or a pop of colour on the sole.  

lace – Belle Divino  Just searching my own shop I have seen jumpers, dresses, bags, shoes, coats and t-shirts with a touch of lace, It really does deserve its own day!

Darling Milena Dress Cobalt Blue

Darling Women's Milena Long Sleeved Lace Dress – Belle Divino

Ruby Shoo Anna and Milan Cobalt Blue

ruby shoo anna – Belle Divino

Desigual Gante Tshirt

Desigual Gante Pretty Lace effect Tshirt with Fluted Sleeves White / B – Belle Divino

Sugarhill Boutique Lace Dress

Sugarhill Boutique Ladies Navy Lace Dress – Belle Divino