A rainbow of Ruby Shoo colours here at Belle Divino

I am a sucker for a pattern.  My wardrobe has so many it makes your eyes funny as you open it!  But with pattern you need an accent colour and this is where the Ruby Shoo block colours come into their own.  Whether you want a colour clash or a colour match here at Belle Divino we have it covered, with matching shoes and bags in an array of brights. Belle Divino has now teamed with Ruby Shoo to bring you 8 colours exclusive to us, which offer something different to those Ruby have done in the previous main collections.  We have Josie & Tirana in Lilac, Jadey Teal & Coraley Pink.  Then there is Anna & Milan in jewel colours... red, emerald greem, royal purple & cobat blue.  And Chrissie in Mauve.  All of these are ONLY available from Belle Divino.  They are perfect Mother of the Bride & Bridesmaids shoes also!