Are Ruby Shoo Comfortable? Why yes... they are totally indulgent!

I think the resounding answer to this is a firm YES!  The new indulgence soles promise to be the heels for women who can't wear heels!  When Ruby Shoo started back in 2011 the options for heels were either frumpy 'evening' shoes with a little kitten heel or 5 inch stilettoes that most women cannot wear!  Ruby Shoo are heels for wearing the the office, for looking fabulous at a wedding whilst running around after a 2 year old pageboy (guilty!), for your shoes still being on your feet at the end of your night out rather than being kicked around the floor of the club (this is from a woman who has lost not 1, not 2, but 3 shoes on a night out.  Just the one shoe each time!)  

Ruby Shoo has made their heels indulgent.  And by indulgent I mean squidgy, comfy, flexible.  The whole shebang. With an insta campaign of #heelsall day the brief was to make super comfortable heels and I haven't spoken to a customer who doesn't feel that they have delivered.

So what's the secret?

Ruby Shoo have de-constructed a high heel shoe and put it back together again in the most comfortable way possible!  Think flexible soles that move with the foot, arch supports, high resistance memory foam insoles, spongey cushioning to the ball of the foot and a soft insock that contours to the individual's foot. You have to try them and see for yourself!

Ruby Shoo Josie Mary Jane and Tirana Bag Teal Coral Pink Lilac

Ruby Shoo Chrissie Shoe and Tirana Bag Coral Turquoise Navy Mauve Pistachio