WFH closely related to WTF... What is it with men and heating? Desigual cardigans are my WFH staple. Desigual Arezzo, Jane, Login Logo Arrago and Driana are my best pals!

Scrolling through facebook last week on the 'Ruby Shoo Lovers' group where ladies share their love of the brand and their outfits I was stopped in my tracks.  Not by the shoos, I see plenty of gorgeous shoes in my line of work.  No... it was the women sat around in their own houses wearing a dress and nice shoes.  No tights, no thermal vests, just one layer of clothing.  I have been in three layers for 4 months now.  I'm still always cold.  'Im indoors has now stopped suggesting I put on another jumper and told me to wear a coat.  This is not luxury living.  The one saving grace is that I do have a cracking selection of Desigual cardigans, which are warm and fluffy.  If I put one of these over a vest, tshirt and jumper I can sometimes feel my toes. 

Desigual Nadia Long Warm Cardigan Sparkly Black & Bright Check AW20 20WWJF37

 Desigual Nadia Long Warm Cardigan Sparkly Black & Bright Check AW20

Desigual Arezzo Chunky Fluffy Warm Rust Boho Long Cardigan AW20 20WWJF

Desigual Women's Login Logo Cardigan – Belle Divino