What The Colour Of Your Clothes Says About You

What The Colour Of Your Clothes Says About You

What The Colour Of Your Clothes Says About You

Fashion is all about self-expression. Psychologists Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky proposed that what people wear affects the way in which they think. In their study participants were asked to wear a lab coat belonging to a doctor. Once complete, findings showed they were instantly able to focus and maintain sustained attention. The researchers stated “Clothes can have profound and systematic psychological and behavioural consequences for their wearers. Although the saying goes that clothes do not make the man, our results suggest they do hold a strange power over their wearers”. Lastly, research has also shown that colour can change a person’s heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate. 

Research Findings  

A recent study of 2,000 Brits found a relationship between the colours we wear and their impact upon on moods and personality. Overall, it reported that individuals who are feeling stressed or angry are more likely to wear black. A more positive person would wear yellow for happiness and red for confidence. It also concluded that peoples homes styling and colours as well as nail polish all affect how people view you.  

Additionally, research has show that colour plays a vital part in first impressions. Various colours can portray different personality points. In a survey, more than half of those questioned, believed what you chose to wear to different events can influence how successfully those events go. Furthermore, under two thirds felt the colour you wear to an event or social situation will directly impact how you feel while attending. 

However, 47% of Brits actively shy away from wearing colour, of which the main reason was not wanting to stand out. Psychologist of the research and colour expert Honey Langcaster-James comments “It is clear that people believe they are judged on the basis of the colours they wear - and they also admit to judging others based on the colour of their clothing. Yet most people do not then 'colour craft' themselves successfully. Instead, Brits tend to stick to wearing dark or neutral tones. Understanding how to 'colour craft' and wear different colours for different occasions and circumstances can give you the edge and influence a range of outcomes in your life”.  

Colour Findings  


Colour & Mood 

Colour & Personality 

Colour For An Interview 


BLACK: anger, stress, 

RED: confidence, loudness, manic 

YELLOW: happiness, joy 

BLUE: calm, relaxed 

GREY: tired 


RED: loud, confident 

GREEN: intelligent, approachable 

BLUE: reliable, approachable 

YELLOW: loud, happy 

BLACK: sophisticated, conservative 

PINK: immature, confident 

WHITE: traditional, confident 


RED:ruthless, confident 

GREEN:intelligent, quiet 

BLUE:intelligent, trustworthy 

YELLOW:joyful, good-humoured 

BLACK: intelligent, money-driven 

PINK:immature, confident 



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