Why Belle Divino? Why Ruby Shoo??

Many people have asked me (Deb, the founder and owner of Belle Divino) why I chose to start a business.  The answer is that I didn't as such.  I was a teacher and quite happy in what I was doing.  It was the 'heyday’ of ebay and I was an avid Karen Millen wearer at the time.  When I was at an outlet shopping for myself I would pick up a couple of extra things, pop them on ebay and cover the cost of my own purchases!   I was hooked!  From those humble beginnings I started buying more and more, going to trade fairs and sourcing up and coming brands.  In winter 2010 I stumbled across the vibrant and 'not the same' Desigual and bought myself an amazing coat, I then saw them at a trade fair and managed to become one of the only UK online suppliers.  In Spring 2013 I was at Pure in London and my heart did a little dance.  The Ruby Shoo stand was calling.  There were only maybe 8 or 10 styles, but they were just fabulous!  I ordered two styles.  The Dorothy in navy and white spot with a red trim and cute rounded toe, and matching Mae handbag which is a rectangular bag in matching spot with a contrast bow, I thought it looked like a beautifully wrapped present. Ruby Shoo Dorothy & Mae And I could not resist Natalie, another round toed beauty, in off white with red abstract flowers, (my personal favourite) gingham heels and the flower corsage that we have come to associate with Ruby on the toe to finish.   The matching Marilyn clutch is an envelope style with the same corsage to finish. Ruby Shoo Natalie & Marilyn I said to the lady on the stall that they had struck gold!  Matching shoe and bag sets were something that I had been banging on to my other suppliers about for years.  They had never listened.  I understand why now because the logistics are difficult.  Different factories in different countries.  Sample after sample that may not quite match.  Ruby Shoo get it right.  100% right.  Every time.  If it's not perfect it doesn't go ahead.  I could see the potential in the brand.  It offers something different- not crazy different, like Irregular Choice, you will not see Snow White as a heel here (we do also love the crazy IC world!), but just a nice 'ooo where did you get those shoes' different.  I don't think I have ever worn a pair of Rubies without more than one stranger complementing my shoes.  I knew that this brand could be the go-to for weddings, christenings, parties etc, but they have done far beyond that even now Rubying up boots, ballerinas, brogues,wellies and trainers.  7 years on from buying the Dorothy and Natalie they still look fresh, pretty, and different.  That is no mean feat.  There aren't many things in my wardrobe from 2013 that I would reach for and still be totally proud to wear.  That's the beauty of Ruby, it is quirky, fun, and both bang-up-to-date and totally timeless.  At Belle Divino we LOVE Ruby Shoo.  No more buying 2 styles from the collection, we now always buy every single piece.  We pride ourselves on having the widest collection anywhere, so if there is a certain thing you are after you are more likely to find it at Belle Divino than anywhere else.  And there is not guilt in buying something that you will still love in 7 years time!