Desigual.... have you seen the news?

Well it's written all over the outfits so you should have!  I have been obsessed with newspaper print since Carrie wore 'that' dress in Sex and the City.  By John Galliano for Christian Dior I always thought it was a perfect blend of elegant and edgy.Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the city newspaper christian dior dress

Interestingly Galliano was inspired by a1935 Elsa Schiaparelli print comprised of her own press clippings.

The “Christian Dior Daily” print debuted during the “Hobo Chic” couture collection of 2000 which had dubious origins as apparently Galliano was inspired by the homeless people covered in newspapers for warmth that he saw on the streets of Paris. He also said that he drew inspiration from Tramp Balls, which were essentially bourgeoise 1920’s-30’s parties where Parisian socialites dressed up like poor people for their own amusement.  Certainly not in the best taste!

Desigual's 2022 News offerings feature 'Fake News' Suduko and Crosswords.  A stylish and altogether less morally dubious take on the newspaper print.  So chic and yet keeping the edgy feel.  These will no doubt be the sell out pieces this season.

Desigual leggings with newspaper print   

Any News Leggings SS22 Desigual Style 22SWKK02 New Season – Belle Divino

Desigual newspaper print bodysuit on a model

Any News Bodysuit SS22 Desigual Style 22SWTKB1 New Season – Belle Divino

Desigual newspaper print dress on a model

Breaking News Dress Desigual Style 22SWVK49 SS22 New Season – Belle Divino

desigual newspaper print shirt on a model

Breaking News Shirt SS22 Desigual Style 22SWCW32 New Season – Belle Divino