The Impact Of The Textile Industry On The Environment

The Impact Of The Textile Industry On The Environment

The Impact Of The Textile Industry On The Environment

Within recent years the latest trends for designers has not been around colour or style. It has been the notion of sustainable fashion and ethical clothing. Over a few decades the quantity of clothing that is coming into the EU per person has increased by 40%. With an average of 20 pieces of clothing per person being manufactured each year. The growth of this industry has been driven by the decrease in prices and increase in “fast fashion”.

This increase in fast fashion has surged production and consumption models. Dramatically shortening cycles to ensure the garment is with the customer within a matter of weeks. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates 85% of all textiles end up in landfills every year. In addition, fashion seasons have also shortened to keep up with this developing demand. This has resulted in the average consumer purchasing 60% more items now, than previously. Here Belle Divino, cover the impact the industry has upon the environment and what is being done to combat it.

Impact On The Environment

Research has found that the textile industry generates 20% of the world's industrial water pollution and use more than 20,000 chemicals. Furthermore, it has been reported that the fashion industry has a large carbon footprint, accounting for 10% of global carbon emissions. The sheer production of the raw materials required to make clothing, involves spinning, weaving, and dying. All of which require large amounts of water and chemicals including pesticides to grow them.

Cotton is the most common (33%) natural fibre used with the clothing industry. To make one cotton shirt it can take up to 2700 litres of water. This is due to the properties of the cotton itself and pesticides used on the farms.

On the other hand, synthetic fibres such as polyester are made by fossil fuels and are non-biodegradable. These types of fibres account for 16% of fabrics used within clothing. Advantages of these are that they have less impact on water foot print and land. However, they emit harmful greenhouse gasses and contribute to climate change.

Lastly, consumer use also impacts the environment. Due to the water, energy and chemicals used in washing, tumble drying and ironing. Furthermore, less than half of used clothes are collected for reuse or recycling when they are no longer needed. In addition, of recycled clothes only 1 % are reprocessed and turned into new clothes.

One of the main ways in which the impact on the environment can be reduced is by brands, designers, manufacturers, and consumers moving towards sustainable fashion.

What Sustainable Fashion Means?

Within the industry there is a strong push for every stage of production to be more sustainable. The concept of “fast fashion” is based upon making clothing that are cheaply made and intended for the short term use. However, sustainable fashion is the opposite, it considers the full lifecycle of the product. This includes the design, sourcing, whole production process, packaging, delivery, workers, and consumers. Sustainable fashion is often described as “an all inclusive term describing the product, process and activities to achieving a carbon-neutral fashion industry, built on equality, social justice, animal welfare, and ecological integrity.”.

Whilst the industry accepts that all garments have a least one negative impact. There are many brands that are working towards reducing their impact overall. The issue is complex and currently there isn’t a brand that can address all aspects. However, the main areas being addressed within the fashion industry are water use, chemicals, agriculture, lifecycle, and waste.

Love The World With Desigual

Desigual clothing uk, have the philosophy “Love the World”. This encompasses everything they do in accordance with their social and environmental commitments. As a business their goals for the future all strive towards a sustainable fashion production model, which respects their people and the planet.

As a whole, Desigual UK stores are part of the overall 2020-2023 Strategic Sustainability and CSR Plan. This encompasses three main goals:

  • In 2021 Desigual will phase out single-use plastic, and any plastic used will be recycled or recyclable.
  • By 2023, Desigual’s collections will be made up of 50% sustainable fibres and 100% “more” sustainable cotton by 2025.
  • Reduce their carbon footprint by 25% for 2025 and to become a carbon neutral company by 2050.

Alberto Ojinaga, Managing Director at Desigual comments “we are very aware that our activity has a direct impact on our environment, and we advocate a conscious and responsible way of acting. We want to grow in a sustainable and sustained way, and for our footprint as a brand to be positive. All the actions we carry out in accordance with our social and environmental commitment are encapsulated by our Love the World philosophy, which articulates the free, authentic, inclusive and diverse spirit that identifies us as a responsible and conscious brand.”

To support them further Desigual UK are members of various initiatives and associations. Including, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), Textile Exchange, Sedex and Amfori.

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