How can you add your Amazon Smile account to your phone?

Amazon's smile programme is fantastic in theory, for a worthy cause to be picking up 0.5% on items you would be buying anyway.  But the way Amazon require you to remember to go to to make the purchase makes it difficult as mostly people forget to do it.  There is now a way to add the smile 0.5% to your purchases from your phone using the amazon app.  I have done a picture guide here to make it easy

Then ask friends, grandparents etc to do the same.  This will give your chosen cause  some money every month without even having to stick your hand in your pocket!
Go to the link below to add your Amazon account to the Smile programme
Search and select
Friends And Relations Of Greysbrooke School
(the thing I have is my kid's school, which you are welcome to support if you haven't got another charity selected!)
It will then tell you the URL of amazon smile that you need to go to to support your cause when you shop.
BUT… we know you will forget to do this so please do this quick step NOW!
On your amazon app on your phone (download the app if you haven’t got it and make
sure you are signed in)
Amazon log in screen, choose menu