Who Stocks Compania Fantastica in the UK? Compania Fantastica UK Stockists

Well now we do and don't you think it is a fantastic collection!  Belle Divino is so excited to get its hands on such a fabulously vibrant brand.  If you are looking for something fun, quirky and exciting this brand is for you!  With the coolest prints... everything from rockets, monkeys, tigers, chillis, bright stripes to pretty florals, these are clothes to make you smile.  Hailing from Spain it brings a sunny vibe and carefree attitude to you wherever you are and whatever the weather.   Dresses, shirts, funky tracksuits, swimwear, raincoats it's all here at Belle Divino.

This yellow rocket print collection is a typically fun and funky print from the Spanish brand.  Search: 6 results found for "compania rocket" – Belle Divino  In a fresh sunshine yellow it appeals to the space obsessed child within, but in a fashionable, rather than childish way.  With swimsuit and matching beach dresses, or in a versatile Sweat top and bottoms which can be worn together for out of this world style!

Compania Fantastica models wearing rocket print clothes


Toothpaste and toothbrushes are not a standard print for clothing, but Compania's clever eye has made these dentistry staples into an artistic and stunning display, complete with dresses, pyjama type shirt, sweater and tshirt. Compania Fantastica Toothbrush and Toothpaste Collection of ladies clothes