Ruby Shoo offers a Mother of the Bride / Mother of the Groom shoo with not a hint of fuddy duddy!

Ruby Shoo Chrissie Mid Heel Court Shoes and Matching Tirana Bag

Ruby Shoo Chrissie and Tirana

No frumpy MOTB shoes here!

Mother of Bride / Groom – Belle Divino

Thinking back to my wedding and the frumpy co-ord outfits that were suggested to both mine and my husband's mums it is clear to me that this 'Mother of' title has people leaping to flog you head-to-toe one colour outfits that cement your position as matriarch!  Certainly not something that either my Mum or In-Law was after!  They wanted to be flattered, to have a bit of fun in their outfits, and they wanted a shoe that they could walk and dance in that has a bag to match!

Ruby Shoo definitely has the footwear side of the Mother of the Bride / Groom covered.  They know that a 4 inch heel may not be practical, but a heel is usually preferred because it visually lengthens the leg, gives you nice posture and often gives confidence too!  The indulgence insole is an absolute God send.   Ruby Shoo have de-constructed a high heel shoe and put it back together again in the most comfortable way possible!  Think flexible soles that move with the foot, arch supports, high resistance memory foam insoles, spongey cushioning to the ball of the foot and a soft insock that contours to the individual's foot.  The insta campaign is #HEELSALLDAY and we can definitely see why!  They are heels for the ladies who think they can't wear heels!

We have a huge range of shoes befitting such a special occasion here at Belle Divino.  A multitude of heel heights, with or without strap, courts and mary janes.  The pictures here just show a few options.  You won't regret the choice to celebrate with Ruby Shoo.  Shop here Mother of Bride / Groom – Belle Divino

We love the colour clash of Chrissie and Tirana in Fuchsia here!

Ruby Shoo Chrissie and Tirana in Turquoise

Turquoise with blue is a fresh option!  It would also make pink pop!

Ruby Shoo Chrissie and Tirana in Pistachio

How pretty is this pistachio with pink... what about with burnt orange?

Ruby Shoo Chrissie Court Shoe with Tirana Handbag

Navy is one of the most useful colours out!  Less harsh than black it teams with almost any colour, especially grey and pink, but also with red and white for a nautical nod

Ruby Shoo Chrissie Court Shoes with Tirana Bag in Coral

Is there a more summery colour than coral?  This tropical delight is my own favourite colour.  Perfect with white, pink, navy or denim.

Ruby Shoo Chrissie Court Shoe and Tirana Bag in Mauve Pink

The mauve was designed by us here at Belle Divino to be the perfect 'mother-of' colour.  That soft lilacey, grey toned pink that is so flattering and works so well with pinks, lilacs and greys, not to mention blue and black.  These are shoes that will work equally well for a party or to jazz up a pair of jeans after the big day!  Not just to be worn once and sit in a box for ever more.

Ruby Shoo Josie and Tirana in Lilac

Another purpley option is the Belle Divino exclusive Josie and Tirana in lilac.  Lilac lace with floral corsage is a perfect duo.

Ruby Shoo Josie and Tirana in Teal

Belle Divino exclusive Josie and Tirana in teal... a perfect choice with navy or a patterned outfit that features this summer favourite shade

Ruby Shoo Josie and Tirana in Coraley Pink

Coraley pink remains a favourite hue this year and this Belle Divino exclusive Josie and Tirana set has this shade perfected!

Ruby Shoo Silvia and Genova in Lemon


Silvia and Genova in lemon have a dainty paper style flower.  Beautiful with grey or navy.

Ruby Shoo Anna and Milan in Emerald Green

Not all MOTBs wear pastels!  How about this rich emerald green with the Belle Divino exclusive Anna and Milan?

Ruby Shoo Anna and Milan in Purple

This rich purple is often chosen for bridesmaids and would work perfectly if you want to nod to that colour scheme

Ruby Shoo Anna and Milan in Red

The ones to go if you really want your feet to do the talking!  Belle Divino exclusive Anna and Milan in red!

Ruby Shoo Everton Chelsea Blue Anna and Milan

A must for any Everton or Chelsea supporters!  These royal blue Belle Divino exclusive Anna and Milan would nod to a football theme in a totally classy way!


We have so many more options if you browse through the store, but I hope showcasing the shoes like this gives you a few ideas for your special outfits!


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