Ruby Shoos and floral Tattoos... a perfect combination of pretty and quirky! Shoes and Tattoos... it even rhymes!

Ruby Shoo Willow Mustard High HeelsRuby Shoo Aisha Black Stripe

Ruby Shoo Willow Aqua High Heels

When Ruby Shoo super fan Ann sent me these pictures I knew they were something special.  Ruby Shoo embraces the idea of quirky feminity and these stunning tattoos scream the same.  Tattoos were once seen as the domain of burly men... sailors and hells angels, but the past 20 years has really seen the emergence of some beautiful tattoo art for women.  Look at the stunning florals here, how they  pick up on the florals in the shoes.  Here at Belle Divino we think they look absolutely stunning!  Keep the pictures coming please Ann!